20 Amazing Objects Created Using Legos

Lego bricks have become more than just ordinary toys designed to entertain children. It is a matter of art, design and sculpting. People all over the world use Lego bricks to create unique designs or replicas of modern art pieces. The creativity of others has provided stunning Lego displays that you may have seen featured in movies or on television. The list below showcases some of the most unique designs ever to be created using Lego bricks.

Volvo XC90

This is the official model Lego car used at Legoland California. It was constructed by several master Lego builders.


This Lego Pinball machine is fully operational with a coin slot, bumpers and digital display.

Downtown Detroit

This Lego creation depicts the downtown city of Detroit, Michigan. The tallest building reaches over 10 feet in height.


Over 10,000 Legos were used to build this Harpsichord. It weighs over 150 pounds and can create 61 different tunes.