20 Adorable Examples Of Animal Parenting

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When you are a parent, it’s easy to think you are the only person in the world with problems. The truth is, not only do we human parents share a lot of the same stresses and joys, but it seems that many members of the animal kingdom can relate as well. Kids are kids and parents are parents regardless of the species. Here are 20 images showing animals experiencing many of the same joys and struggles that we do.

A Few Too Many Legs

Either this is some weird mutant bird or she’s protecting her kids from the elements. You can likely put your money on the latter.

Aim For That Flower Right There

Doesn’t this look exactly like a dad teaching his son the finer arts of peeing in the woods?

Break It Up, People!

Mom and dad are showing affection to each other and the kid just can’t take it. Only the kid is allowed to give and receive affection. And he’s not stupid, he knows what happens when mom and dad kiss. He doesn’t want a little brother or sister to share the limelight.

Cheek To Cheek

Nothing softer or sweeter than holding a baby cheek to cheek.

“Ahh, Mom!”

The kid’s face is a mess. What else is the parent supposed to do? The kid looks positively mortified.

Don’t Watch

It is remincent of the towel-wielding mom that went viral a while back. I wonder what horrible sight she’s protecting her little ones from.

Eskimo Kisses

How sweet is this? Mommy and baby bear sharing a kiss.

Eye To Eye

This adorable picture of mom bowing down her head to her little one’s level. Awww!


Some kids use their charms to get whatever they want. This little horse is no different. “Hug me, mom!” really means “Carry me because I’m too lazy to walk, mom!”

Too Tired To Do Anything

This little one looks awfully comfortable sleeping on his mom’s tail as she hunts for food.

“I’m Trying To Sleep.”

Babies can lay on their parents in the most awkward positions. It seems to be perfectly comfortable to them, but it literally a pain in the parent’s neck. Here, this baby is apparently wide awake and doesn’t understand why mom isn’t awake. How long has that baby been on his mom’s head?

“How Many Times Have I Told You!”

This baby has been getting into stuff he isn’t supposed to. You can just tell by the way mom is dragging him away. You can almost hear her, “How many times have I told you to leave that alone!”

A Whole New Meaning To “It Takes A Village”

Male penguins are very involved in raising their kids. A frequent protective measure of these doting fathers is to put all the kids together and make a ring of fathers around the little rug-rats. Way to share the responsibility!

Mom Isn’t Going Fast Enough, Apparently.

Little one is pushing his mom from behind. He must think that will make her go faster. Usually, however, that just tends to make mom angry.

Naptime For The Whole Family

There’s something comforting in sleeping with your little ones. How adorable is this?

Yeah, They’re Family

We all know that family. They are the ones where everyone looks alike. They cannot deny their relation. There’s no butts about it, these are family.

Tickle, Tickle, Tickle

She knows exactly how to make her baby smile.

“We’re So Proud!”

You can see the love in their eyes watching this little one work his way down the road.

Full Load

What a mother! Here she climbs a fence with a half dozen kids on her back. The weight alone would make that difficult, not to mention the fact that no child can ever sit still.

Yum. Someone’s Hungry.

Mom is trying to rest on the beach. She’s about to get a rude awakening as the baby clearly doesn’t know how to ask politely for food.