19 Photographs That Prove That Timing Is Everything

Photography and comedy have always shared one element that is absolutely vital in order to achieve any sort of success, and that common thread is timing. In comedy, timing allows for a punchline to achieve maximum effectiveness, while in photography, timing is the difference between capturing a moment and capturing the right moment. It can be very difficult to capture a truly memorable picture, but sometimes the hard work is worth the effort simply because of the results. Here are 19 photographs captured from around the world that prove the importance of timing in creating unique photography.

Uncomfortable Celebration

Becoming World Champion is an accomplishment worth celebrating and Lewis Hamilton did just that as soon as he won the Chinese Grand Prix. Liu Siying, a secretary of the event, was caught in the midst of the celebrations and looked rather uncomfortable as well.

Bursting The Bubble

This photograph is an excellent example of technology developing in order to meet our creative requirements. We could have never imagined being able to capture the moment a bubble bursts, simply because it happens within a fraction of a second, but this picture shows us how glorious that moment actually looks.

Look Again!

This picture makes you look twice in order to fully believe your eyes. After looking at it the second time, you will realize that sometimes your eyes and instincts cannot be trusted.

Mid Air Perfection

Although this picture looks like a mid-air collision is inevitable, it is actually a testament to the perfect coordination between the members of the ‘Blue Angels’. Those flights are so close together, the pilots could have nearly high-fived each other.