20 Of The Most Annoying First World Problems We Have Experienced

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Sometimes it is just so annoying being able to turn on a tap for water or flush the toilet. But there are some very real annoyances out there, as well. The hazards of dipping a cookie in milk, the dangers of getting clothing stuck on things, the peril of hangnails, and the torture of getting out of bed just to name but a few. Here are some of the absolute worst that we have all been through.

No One Wants To Sleep On A Bare Matress

Why can’t these things stay on like they’re supposed to? Fitted sheets were invented over 50 years ago and no one has yet to figure out how to make them stay.

It’s Too Comfortable Here To Get Up

Getting up from a comfortable spot to go pee is so traumatic, someone made a song about it. Look it up.

Does Anyone Know How To Fold A Fitted Sheet?

Not only do they refuse to stay on the bed, but they are impossible to fold. Anyone who can fold them has got to be a witch.

Come On! There’s Got To Be Some Left!

We all know the stress of trying to squeeze that last remaining drop of toothpaste out of the tube. We’re too comfortable in our house, we don’t want to have to go out and buy more toothpaste!

It’s Supposed To Rip Easily. Why Won’t It Rip Easily?

This always seems to happen on the project you worked hardest on. And on the project for the pickiest teacher or boss who will hate you for this.

Think Skinny Thoughts!

It’s fun and yummy the first few bites and then you enter the danger zone. Now, you a no longer able to get those wonderful chips out with your hand. What do you do?

Be Careful What You Post!

Post a cryptic, attention seeking note online and someone will always have to get snarky.

Bugs Exist Only To Give You Nightmares

This and all its cousins only exist to freak you out. It has to be the only reason why something like this would get up in the morning.

Why Do We Still Put Up With This?

Another invention that has been around for ages that hasn’t been perfected. One of the largest banes to our existence.

We Don’t Have Time For This!

This is an annoyance wherever it’s found regardless of the cute little animation people put on it.

Now, It Is Inedible.

That moment when you pour your cereal, looking forward to a nice wholesome breakfast, only to have your hopes dashed by a lack of milk.

Why You No Stay In The Rolls?

Another food rendered inedible by first world problems.

The Glass Failed

This cookie would be so much better dunked. Nope, glass fail.

Made For Belts, Not Door Handles

How does this even work? Going about the day normally and then disaster strikes! Now, you have to stop everything and get free of the evil door handle!

Can’t Pull It. Can’t Clip It.

What? Are we just supposed to wish that hangnail away?


We have all opened one of these cardboard cartons wrong at one point, spending those valuable minutes trying to open such a simple contraption but failing. Why can’t all cartons open like they should?

Ice Cream On A Hot Day

We can’t all look this cute with melting ice cream. Maybe if we could, this would be less traumatic. Just at the time you need the ice cream the most, it melts out of your grasping hands.

There’s always that one cookie that won’t stay together as you dunk it. And, so, you have broken cookie in your milk.

There’s Always That One Renegade Pencil…

You know, the one that will never, ever sharpen like it’s supposed to. How annoying!

Twenty Minutes Later…

We are still stuck in the chair because we can’t get the cord out! Does anyone know how to get this thing untangled?