19 Grain-Free Ways To Enjoy Mexican Food

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Gluten free is quite the talk of the town, right? Well move over gluten, studies have shown that grains may actually be the culprit preventing you from losing weight and maintaining a healthy body! To find out how grains may be affecting your health, the quickest and cheapest test is to simply eliminate them from your diet for 2 weeks. Then, reintroduce one grain at a time and monitor any changes in how you feel, check your weight and really pay attention! Your body is always talking to you, you just have to make sure you’re listening!

Butternut Squash Flatbread

I don’t know about you, but I love Mexican pizza. So, the next time you want a grain-free Mexican pizza, consider using butternut squash to make a flatbread. Add your toppings, bake in the oven and you’re home free!

Fresh Lettuce Taco Wraps

Using lettuce to replace traditional grain based taco shells is one of the easiest and economical solutions! Just head to your local grocer and select a nice head of lettuce, additionally, there’s barely any preparation time required.

Plantain Taco Shells

Plantains are an excellent option for those seeking grain free Mexican food. There are a various types of plantains so be sure to consider what you want your tortilla to taste and look like.

Cheese Taco Shells

Aren’t these pretty? If dairy is your friend, cook up some cheese taco shells. They’re simple to make and tasty. If you’re planning to stuff your taco with meat, go easy on the salt as the cheese taco shells could easily have enough salt for the dish itself!

Cauliflower Tortillas

We all need to increase our veggie intake, right? Well pick up some cauliflower and get baking! Cauliflower is high in fiber and a great compliment to any Mexican dish.

Eggplant Tortillas

Eggplant quesadillas anyone? Eggplant is yet another veggie that you can use while cooking a grain free Mexican meal. Due to its size and texture, you could go for quesadillas or maybe even enchilladas.

Flax Tortillas

If you’re on a grain free diet, odds are you have heard about flax. It’s packed with fiber and protein. Additionally, it’s used in baking quite often because of its texture. Get to stuffing these wonderful grain-free flax tortillas and you’ll be stuffed yourelf at the end of the night

Coconut Tortillas

Tortillas aren’t just for savory dishes. The next time you’re having a Mexican fiesta, don’t forget to about dessert time! Since coconut is sweet, try making coconut tortillas when making Mexican desserts. Oh the possibilities!!

Spinach Tortilla Chips

If you love Mexican as much as we do, how can we go grain free when making nachos? Spinach tortilla chips are the answer. Not only do they look the part, if prepared right, they taste amazing! You can add spices to them if you like to try new things. Dip these with absolutely no guilt!

Jicama Tortillas & Tacos

Jicama, which also goes by Mexican yam or Mexican turnip is a round root vegetable with origins in the Mexican peninsula. For vegetarians especially, this is yet another grain free solution for Mexican dishes. Due to their size, it’s probably best to stick to using them for tacos.

Quinoa Flour Tortillas

Quinoa is often called a super grain, but actually it’s a grain that is closely related to spinach and beets more than any cereal or grain. But, don’t fret, quinoa is still a super food so use it to wrap your favorite tacos, burritos and enchiladas!

Almond Flour Tortillas

Often when people go grain free, almond flour is typically a go to. Obviously you can use almond flour to make lots of things, but don’t forget about the tortillas! Simple prep and simple ingredients make this a winner!

Collard Green Taco Shells

Believe in the greens! Collard greens, kale and a variety of other greens are awesome options for replacing individual taco shells as well as taco salad shells. What more can you ask for?

Chickpea Tortillas

If you’re a fan of hummus, you’ll be happy to know chickpeas can stretch further than what you may have thought! Grab some chickpea flour and make wraps for your next Mexican party. Nutritious and grain free! Again, this one is a winner!

Lentil & Mung Bean Tortillas

There are quite a few beans that can be converted into flour. Lentils and mung beans are a great power-packed combo that can made into tortillas. These are tasty and are great for enchiladas!

Zucchini Taco Shells

Zucchini is another great shell that you can stuff with all your favorite Mexican trimmings! Zucchini is relatively inexpensive and always easy to find, which makes it a grain free go to!

Bacon Shells

We once heard someone say that bacon “everything” exists, so we couldn’t put this list together without showing what a bacon taco shell can look like! Add your veggies, beans and maybe rice to the inside and enjoy this high protein taco shell!

No Shell, No Wrap

No harm, no foul, right? Next time you’re in the mood for Mexican, remember that you don’t always need a shell or a tortilla. Experiment with new Mexican vegetables, herbs and spices to turn up the flavor and make a Mexican salad grain free.

Squash Taco Boats

Wow! Squash made the list twice. Squash taco boats are so healthy you may not even need to count calories if you’re into that type of thing. Grain free doesn’t have to be boring and squash boats are the perfect example of great taste and healthy all in one boat!