10 Extraordinary Facts About Hollywood You Never Knew

The mecca of the modern-day movie and TV show industry, Hollywood is one of the most recognized places on this Earth. With billions of dollars being made there every year and dozens of actors going there to pursue their dreams, Hollywood is the place where most of today’s pop culture came into existence, whether in the creative minds of writers and producers or with the help of the deep pockets of the most infamous production companies, Hollywood is truly a place of wonder. However, no matter how infamous, there are still some amazing and extraordinary facts about Hollywood that you never knew!

The First Movie Ever Made in Hollywood

A 17-minute short film by director D. W. Griffith, ‘In Old California,’ was the first movie ever made in Hollywood. It was filmed and produced a century ago, back in 1910.

The Creation of the Sign

In order to promote the upscale real estate development in Hollywoodland, The Hollywood Sign was built in 1923 costing as much as $21,000 and featuring thirteen 50-foot-high letters constructed of 3’x 9′ panels. While the sign was first expected to last only a year it became a huge tourist attraction and thus in 1949 it was rebuilt and stays to this day.