18 Faces That Will Prove Why You Should Stay Away From Meth

Sophia at 20, Sophia at 26

Sophia’s skin looks unhealthy and sunken, her hair disheveled. Meth suppresses appetite, where users can go days without eating, leading to undernourishment. The body begins consuming muscle and fat, giving addicts that hollow and gaunt appearance.

Adora at 48, Adora at 53

This is very painful to see, a woman destroyed by her addiction. Adora is barely recognizable at 53, looking close to 100 years old.

Her dental health is horrible, as a result of the harsh chemicals in the drug, which quickly dissolves the tooth enamel. Constant teeth grinding also attributes to its degradation.

Dawn at 24, Dawn at 28

Dawn seems to have aged forty years, when in fact it’s only been four years. At 28, she has sunken eyes and pale skin. Meth use results in decreased blood flow, causing the skin to lose its luster and thus adding years, or even decades, to one’s actual age.

Krystal at 27, Krystal at 28

In just a year’s time, Krystal’s face has visibly deteriorated. Her eyes look lifeless and there are scabs on her face. Meth addicts no longer know how to take care of themselves.