10 Emojis That We Desperately Need

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Emojis are a great way of conveying common and recurring sentiments with a single stroke. It allows us to communicate complex emotions with great ease while making the process extremely simple. There are plenty of emojis that have become a part of our culture now but we need more. The world has become more connected and we have a lot more common phrases and expressions than ever before. We tend to repeat so many lingos that it is great to just have them in emoji form. This list contains 10 emojis that we desperately need.

Third Wheel

We have all been asked to join our friends and their better halves on their dates. We always feel like the third wheel, but if only we had an emoji to convey exactly how we feel.

Playing A Tune On The World’s Smallest Violin

People make a mountain out of a mole hill all the time. To put things in perspective once in a while, it would be great to have an emoji of a person playing a tune on the world’s smallest violin.

Low Battery

How many times have we not completed a conversation and left a person hanging because our battery level was low? Next time this happens, we can finally be ready with a quick and apt response.

Eyes Bleed

Based on the number of terrible movies that come out on a regular basis, it would be good to have an emoji that represents exactly how we feel when we walk out of the theatre after watching a horrible film.

Bag Of D*cks

It would be nice to have more emojis that can be used to insult people when they deserve it. We can start by making one that represents a classic insult – go suck a bag of d*cks.

Distracted Emoji

Some people are so boring that you need to use optical illusions just to stay around them. A good trick is to squint your eyes while looking through a small gap between your fingers. That way it looks like the person has a really tiny head. This emoji represents all that complexity with extreme ease.

Mind Blown

We have our minds blown all the time nowadays, and we might as well have an emoji for the occasion.

0 Fcks Given

When you don’t care, you honestly don’t care. Make sure people know exactly how you feel by using this emoji.

Melting Your Face Off

Sometimes a piece of information can be so overwhelming, it feels like your face is melting off. Instead of going through that trauma yourself, just use an emoji that does that for you.

Cool As Hans

When someone professes their love to you, it is always nice to let them know they are loved as well. The cool thing to do would be to be like Hans and just let them know you know.