17 Things You Didn’t Know About The Hollywood Walk Of Fame

Emblems on the Stars Signify Their Category

Most stars have an emblem below the name that represents the category to which they belong. There are 5 categories: Motion Pictures, Broadcast Television, Audio Recording/Music, Broadcast Radio, Theatre/Live Performance. There have been some exceptions to these categories and a few stars, like the one for the lingerie company Victoria’s Secret, don’t fit in any.

There Wasn’t a First Star

There was a rumour that the first person to ever get a star on the Walk of Fame was Joanne Woodward, but it was indeed just a rumor. When the Walk of Fame was created, eight stars were placed at once. That means, eight people share the honor of being “first.”

All Stars Aren’t Given to Humans

Turns out, all sorts of characters, and even animals, can have stars on the Walk of Fame. The Rugrats have a star, Winnie the Pooh has a star, Mickey Mouse has a star, and even the Simpsons have a star.