17 Reasons Why Party Girls Are More Successful

They’re Not Easily Thrown Off

These girls are adaptable to any slight change in plans. A real party girl would get a rush from any signs of chaos, and would jump at the chance to be spontaneous. Their “go with the flow” attitude keeps them chill at all times.

They’re Not Intimidated By Men

These ladies can hang with the toughest guys in town and still make them nervous. A party girl isn’t intimidated by anyone, because everyone else is intimidated by her.

They Work Hard And Play Harder

Party girls work their butts off all day and then treat themselves to a long night of drinking and dancing as a reward. Why? Because you deserve it, girl.

They’re Not Easily Rattled

These girls are probably the most patient people you’ll ever meet. All they do is deal with out of control people when they’re out, so they can pretty much handle anyone and anything.