17 Celebrities Who Have Successfully Battled Drug Addiction

Kirsten Dunst

Best known for her role of Mary Jane in the 2000’s Spider-Man trilogy, Kirsten Dunst has also had major roles in a number of romantic comedies and dramas. While today the actress is clean and sober, back in 2008, when she broke up with her boyfriend at the time Johnny Borrell, the actress went into a downward spiral, which led her to drug abuse. Starting with anti-depressants, prescribed to her by doctors to help her meet some professional commitments, Kirsten went on trying heavier drugs, including ecstasy. This lead to her checking into rehab, after her concerned friends and family managed to help her see and accept her problem. Today, the actress is in a loving relationship, having successfully changed her life for the better.

Eric Clapton

A true rock and roll legend, Eric Clapton has been filling the hearts of fans with adrenaline ever since the mid 1970’s. However, as almost every infamous rock musician at the time, Eric Clapton was taken over by drug addiction. At first using cocaine just for a quick ‘pick-me up’ before performance, he became addicted and started using it multiple times per week. Costing him over $16,000 a week, his drug habit became a part of his daily routine. However, he managed to overcome it and today he’s healthier than ever. Knowing what it’s like to be addicted and how hard it is to quit, the singer made multiple donations to the Crossroads Centre for battling substance abuse and addiction in Antigua throughout the years and continues to support such causes to this day.