16 Celebrities Who Are Reportedly Bad In Bed

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Celebrities may be hot and sexy in movies, music videos or even on the court, but unfortunately sometimes their talents don’t translate into the bedroom. Whether it’s lackluster performance, a teeny tiny ‘member’ or just an unwelcome quickie, people are not afraid to kiss and tell – especially when it involves your favorite celebs. Of course, many of these stories may just be from a scorned ex-wive or a jilted one-night-stand, but either way we love hearing the juicy details. Check them out below.


The award winning rapper might be skilled with his lyrics, but according to his ex wife Kim, he doesn’t have many talents in the bedroom; she claims he was quite boring!

Paris Hilton

Those who’ve seen the socialite’s sex-tape can probably tell that she wasn’t the most skilled in the bedroom. But if you need more proof just ask one of her ex boyfriends who stated that her excessive drug and alcohol use did not bode well on their sex-life.

Elvis Presley

Women around the world may have screamed out his name in ecstasy when he was on stage, but Natalee Woods didn’t do much screaming with the late King of rock n roll. According to her, he simply didn’t know what to do in the bedroom. Although, we’re sure many women would have been more than happy to teach him.

50 Cent

Apparently rapper 50 cent can sing about the ‘Candy Shop’ but when he gets there, he doesn’t know what to do. An exotic dancer said that during her sexual encounter with the celeb, he pretty much acted like a 14 year old boy and his ‘member’ was quite small (ouch). But she wasn’t done yet, when rating his skills from 1-10 she gave the G Unit rapper a 3….

Mariah Sharapova

The tennis player may be good on the court, but when it comes to her bedroom skills, she reportedly is less than stellar. Adam Levine once quoted that he had presumed that the tennis star would be a fun and wild lover, but in actuality she was like a “dead frog” just laying there, not saying a word.

Nick Lachey

Jessica Simpson was married to Nick Lachey for years and they seemed to have a great sex life, but I guess looks are deceiving. They eventually ended their marriage and while discussing her ex, Jessica said he had a small package which caused problems in their marriage. She even said that most of the time she had to fake her orgasms.

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie oozes sex appeal and men all over the world tend to agree. All except one man, her ex Billy-Bob Thornton who says the actress who was once voted as the sexiest woman in the world was actually boring in bed. He was quoted as saying, “Sometimes…it may be literally like fu**ing the couch.

Tiger Woods

It’s kinda hard to believe that after cheating on his wife with so many women, the golfer still wasn’t a pro in the bedroom; but it does explain the multiple women — he needed the practice.

Brody Jenner

Things seemed to have changed since his ‘bad in bed’ days because he actually has a show on E! called “Sex With Brody.” But before he gained all that experience, Brody’s ex, Kristin Cavallari, said that he was okay in bed, but not that good. She even went on to say that he was very “vanilla” and did not think outside of the box.

Keith Olbermann

The MSNBC host had a one night stand with a random brunette then kicked her to the curb, so what else was she to do but dish to the world about their bedroom antics? The brunette claims on her blog that Olbermann’s lovemaking skills were boring, she said ” I pretended he knew what he was doing. I adored the guy. I didn’t want him to think he was a dud in bed.

Taylor Swift

The superstar has dated a legion of Hollywood men; none of those relationships worked out and now we may know why. Reportedly some of her past lovers have found her to be childish when it comes to bedroom antics; “she wants to kiss for hours on end, but doesn’t want to do much more than that.

Russel Brand

Honestly, we don’t think anyone was surprised to hear that Russel Brand was terrible in the sack. But the comedian’s ex girlfriend confirmed the information anyway, saying he was very weird and awkward and didn’t last very long.

Katy Perry later married the comedian and she wasn’t very impressed either, judging by the divorce.

Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck dating one of the sexiest women in the world, JLo, and it seems it was his bedroom skills or lack thereof that really broke the camels back. Sources claim that the actor didnt have the necessary skills to satisy his latino lover.

Hugh Hefner

The man is 88 years old for crying out loud, are we really surprised that he’s bad in bed? Hugh Hefner’s ex-fiance at the time (but now wife), Crystal Harris discussed her relationship with Hef saying he never undressed for sex. Not only that he only last about 2 minutes. Gee shocker!

Judd Apatow

There are no rumors from outside sources that Judd Apatow is bad in bed — he actually said it himself. The producer, who is married to actress Leslie Mann, spoke about his very first sexual encounter saying, “I said to the girl after my first time, ‘Hey, was it good for you too?” And she said, “Well, I guess it’ll get better eventually.

Charlie Sheen

With his constant encounters with porn stars and multiple sex partners, one would think that Charlie Sheen is amazing in bed, but this may not be the case after all.

His Ex wife was not fond of his sexual habits and behavior. According to her, the actor was very selfish in bed and only cared about his own pleasure.