16 Celebrities Who Are Reportedly Bad In Bed

Celebrities may be hot and sexy in movies, music videos or even on the court, but unfortunately sometimes their talents don’t translate into the bedroom. Whether it’s lackluster performance, a teeny tiny ‘member’ or just an unwelcome quickie, people are not afraid to kiss and tell – especially when it involves your favorite celebs. Of course, many of these stories may just be from a scorned ex-wive or a jilted one-night-stand, but either way we love hearing the juicy details. Check them out below.


The award winning rapper might be skilled with his lyrics, but according to his ex wife Kim, he doesn’t have many talents in the bedroom; she claims he was quite boring!

Paris Hilton

Those who’ve seen the socialite’s sex-tape can probably tell that she wasn’t the most skilled in the bedroom. But if you need more proof just ask one of her ex boyfriends who stated that her excessive drug and alcohol use did not bode well on their sex-life.

Elvis Presley

Women around the world may have screamed out his name in ecstasy when he was on stage, but Natalee Woods didn’t do much screaming with the late King of rock n roll. According to her, he simply didn’t know what to do in the bedroom. Although, we’re sure many women would have been more than happy to teach him.

50 Cent

Apparently rapper 50 cent can sing about the ‘Candy Shop’ but when he gets there, he doesn’t know what to do. An exotic dancer said that during her sexual encounter with the celeb, he pretty much acted like a 14 year old boy and his ‘member’ was quite small (ouch). But she wasn’t done yet, when rating his skills from 1-10 she gave the G Unit rapper a 3….