20 Of The Worst Fast Food Items Ever Sold

Everyone loves to stop and grab a burger and milkshake on occasion, but there are some items available at fast food restaurants that everybody should just simply avoid. These foods are either far too unhealthy, far too disgusting, or just downright not worth your time whatsoever. Sure, McDonald’s, Burger King, Subway, and even Starbucks can be incredibly bad for you if you eat it in excess. Occasionally probably won’t hurt, but just don’t overdo it. Watching your calories and what is contained within that burger you’re eating is going to be a safe step to take beforehand.

Enormous Omelet Sandwich – Burger King

One of the main reasons this breakfast sandwich was discontinued from the fast food chain was due to its massive size. Consumers were looking for something a little healthier for their first meal. Some international markets still sell it, though.

Arch Deluxe Burger – McDonald’s

McDonald’s is always adding new items to their menu in an effort to bring in new customers. The worldwide franchise thought they would acquire nearly $1 billion in sales thanks to this burger, but it ended up being a complete flop. Even their advertisements showed kids refusing to eat it.

McDLT – McDonald’s

This one wasn’t so much because of the burger or ingredients being used, but was more because of the packaging the company put said burger in. The double-sided Styrofoam had consumers in an uproar due to what it would do to the environment.

McAfrica – McDonald’s

The name should be obvious enough a reason why this burger was discontinued. The burger was said to be based off authentic African recipes, and could have been delightful, but the name ensured the company had a PR massacre to deal with.