15 Weird Facts That Will Shock You

Have you ever found yourself at a party and wanted to dazzle the other guests with some truly weird trivia, but couldn’t come up with anything? We’re not talking about the kid from Jerry Maguire, who informed us all that the human head weighs eight pounds. We’re talking about truly weird stuff that people are going to look simply at you and stare when you get done telling them. As they ask you over and over if you’re kidding around, you can solemnly shake your head no and let them know they just got some real knowledge. Then smile, rinse and repeat, and you’ll be the hit of the party in no time. Check out these totally weird facts that are true and get prepared to amaze.

Marie Curie’s Notebook Could Kill You

Marie Curie did quite a few dangerous experiments including those surrounding radioactivity. It turns out that her notebook is still so radioactive that improper handling could actually kill you.

Printer Ink is More Expensive Than Fancy Champagne

Printer Ink is quite a bit more expensive than some really expensive bottles of champagne, as long as you compare their cost per milliliter. The average printer ink costs as much as seven times as one bottle of Dom Perignon.

Graham Crackers Were Created By A Guy Who Hates Sex

Sylvester Graham came up with the idea of graham crackers because he believed sex was killing America. Graham also believed that rich goods like meat, cheese and things baked with white flour were driving the country’s unhealthy sex drive. Graham made a cracker with whole wheat flour instead and that’s why the Graham cracker was invented.

The World’s Oldest Tortoise Was Born Before the USA

Tortoises can live to ridiculous ages, but Adwaita takes the cake. He died in 2008 and was born in 1750. That’s 26 years before the United States was declaring it’s independence.

WD-40 Makers Protect Their Brand In An Odd Way

WD-40 makers have never patented their creation. By doing this, they don’t need to list what chemicals are used in the product. That actually makes it harder for competitors to copy it.

Banana Flavored Food Tastes Like An Extinct Kind of Banana

If you’ve ever wondered why banana flavored candies and other food items don’t really taste like the bananas you eat on a daily basis, it’s because the flavor is modeled after a kind of banana that doesn’t exist anymore. The flavor is modeled after the Gros Michel banana. This kind went extinct about 50 years ago.

The Smell of Fresh Cut Grass Is Your Lawn Screaming In Pain

The smell of fresh cut grass might be one most people love, but the odor is actually expelled from grass when it is crying out in pain and looking for help. The same smell can be smelled if grass is being devoured by insects.

Marijuana Prohibition Came About Because Of Racism

When US lawmakers were attempting to outlaw Marijuana, the tactic they used most often were claims that most pot users were hispanic or black. They also claimed smoking weed would make white women want to sleep with those dastardly minorities.

Doctors’ Handwriting Kills

Doctors use a special kind of shorthand they often think anyone with half a brain can read. It turns out there are so many people who in fact, cannot read their writing that it leads to 7,000 deaths world wide per year.

A Lightbulb In California Has Been Burning For 113 Years

The centennial light bulb is located at Fire Station No. 6 in Livermore, California. It is a hand blown bulb with a carbon filament. No one understands why it has managed to last as long as it has.

George Washington’s Teeth Were Made Of Hippopotamus Ivory

Our first president wore dentures that were made of Hippo tusk ivory and were held together with lead, gold, metal wire and springs, and brass screws

Tears Look Different Depending On Why You Cried Them

Whether talking about tears of joy, anger, or sadness, scientists armed with microscopes can tell you why you cried. Each kind of tear looks quite a bit different when looked at using that tool.

Neanderthal Man Liked To Get Gussied Up

Scientists believe that Neanderthal man had a special penchant for jewelry and makeup. Foundation-type mineral pigments for the skin and cockle shells meant for necklaces have recently been excavated.

Julius Caesar’s Ego Was Bigger Than You Thought

How big was the former Roman Emperor’s ego? When he was once kidnapped and held for 38 days by pirates, he told them they needed to ask for more ransom. Once that ransom was paid, he hunted the pirates down and had them crucified.

Beer Was Considered Alongside Soda In Russia Until 2011

Russians love their Vodka so much, they apparently don’t consider other alcoholic drinks worthy of the name. Beer was considered a Russian soft drink until 2011.