10 Most Gory Video Games Ever Made

Violence has always gone hand in hand with video games. Ever since they first became a popular form of entertainment during the 1980s, developers have found that they can attract audiences and grab attention by having not just gratuitous violence but also absurd levels of gore. Many of these titles have courted controversy from those that believe they can have a negative impact on children. Whether it is a first-person shooter that sees the player senselessly killing enemies or a fighting game where you can tear apart the opponent, these are the goriest games that have ever been made.

Gears of War

One of the Xbox’s most successful exclusive titles, Gears of War shocked players when it became clear just how much violence it contained. Blood continuously splatters all over the screen during any combat while the chainsaw graphically tears into the flesh of enemies, spraying body parts in every direction.

Dead Space

Dead Space is a horror series and it relies on the shock factor of the on-screen carnage to scare its audience much of the time. With all of the enemies able to tear the player apart quickly, the various available weapons all involve creating as much damage of blood as possible.