15 Things You Should Never Regret In Life

Regret is like old cheese. It was probably a great snack to fill an emotional void, but now it stinks up your apartment and needs to be thrown out. The key to an odorless fridge is digging deep and getting rid of that overripe brie – and just like a key to a happy life is throwing out those regret-demons lurking in the back of your mind.

If you can’t go with that analogy, let’s frame it a different way. If you learn from all of your mistakes, every wrong step is a lesson you can learn. Think of regrets as rungs on the ladder of life. If you don’t make any mistakes, you’ll get stuck at the bottom. No matter which way you look at it, there are a bunch of things we all do that you should never regret. Here are some of them:

Getting Wasted That Night

We’ve all had nights where ‘just one more’ turned into a filthy nap on the tiles of the bathroom floor. Sure, you might feel rough for the next few days and hang your head in shame every time a stranger tries to high five you for some awful stunt you pulled that night – but YOLO – right?

Look, our generation came out of the womb screaming YOLO, yet we forget to live by it. If you hadn’t had one too many that night, you’d have stayed at home, poring over books and wondering what the cool kids were up to.

Saying yes means you’re filled with shame – yes – but at least you have a good story to go with it.

Dating Someone You Shouldn’t Have

It’s incredibly likely that in your mid twenties, you’ll end up hooking up with a terrible, terrible human being. That hook up will lead to a longer-than-was-ever-necessary relationship. It will end in heartbreak and then, even worse, you’ll be hard on yourself for ever letting it go on as it did.

We’ve all done it. Forgive yourself and move on. Any more time spent on this person is a waste. Believe it or not, he/she taught you more about yourself than the ones that didn’t break your heart.