15 Most Dangerous Cars Of All Time

Geely CK

First produced in 2005, the Geely CK is a Chinese car that only sells in a number of markets around the world, most notably in China, South America and Russia. However, officials have not allowed it to release in the US and other European countries after it failed almost every safety test it has gone through. Many of the vehicles have no airbags, while examiners noted that during crash testing the body was prone to collapsing almost completely, giving drivers and passengers no protection.

Chevy Colorado

The Chevy Colorado Extended Cab 2WD pickup is one of the most dangerous mass-produced vehicles currently available. Out of every million registrations, statistics show that 93 people die. A large proportion of those deaths came in accidents that involved no other vehicle. This suggested that the Chevy Colorado may have been difficult to handle or have more power than users expected, making it possible for drivers to lose control.

Audi 5000

The Audi 5000 caused a huge reputation problem for the German car manufacturer in the 1980’s. A faulty system on the car meant that while the engine was idling it was possible for it to unexpectedly rev up and lurch forward. Audi addressed the problem by arguing that the idling issue was not serious enough to cause any accidents on the road by itself but did acknowledge that it may surprise and shock drivers into panicking and accidentally pressing the accelerator. Estimates indicate the car could have been responsible for almost 1,000 crashes and six deaths.