10 Completely Disturbing Pieces Of Murderabilia

Murerabilia, for those who are unfamiliar with this strange word, relates to an object that had a direct link to a murderer or a heinous crime. Some people truly love collecting these macabre items, which sometimes include bloody rags, murder weapons, serial killers’ journals, and plenty more. These items go for a lot of money on various websites, such as eBay, and there are those willing to spend that money without an issue. Here are ten completely disturbing pieces of murderabilia.

BTK Envelopes

Dennis Rader, who was once known as the BTK Killer, would often send letters to the police regarding his murders and tortures. These letters helped lead to his capture in 2005. For just $325, someone could get their hands on an envelope he had licked once.

Albert Fish’s Autograph

Albert Fish was known by many names, including “The Boogey Man” and “The Gray Man.” This is the guy your parents told you about at night. For the low price of $30,000, someone managed to get their hands on his autograph.