15 Hilarious City Names From Around The World

Nope, That’s Not Legal Here

Surprisingly, this town isn’t in Nevada (where prostitution is legal). Nope, Hooker is actually a city in Oklahoma. And all we can be certain about is that it’s unfortunate for teenage girls on vacation when they have to tell strangers they’re from Hooker.

Good Excuses Are Easy To Come By

Ever really wanted to get away from it all? Have a chance to unwind and do nothing? There is a city calling your name. Its name is Nothing and it’s located in Arizona. It’s truly the perfect travel spot if you really want to see, experience and do nothing.

No Words… No Words

I’m sure if you grow up in Beaverlick, Kentucky, the name of your town sounds like an everyday word. Heck, you may be so used to it that you don’t even hear the connotations in the name. But, wow, really? Who came up with this name? And for the billions who live outside of Beaverlick, go ahead… laugh!