15 Best Restaurants in the United States

The United States is full of delicious food, from high end restaurants to satisfying quick eats. Restaurants across the states vary from French and Indian cuisine, to American grills and laid back Japanese sushi bars with amazing displays designed to take your breath away. When it comes to a high quality restaurant, the food is not the only factor that decides how many stars a restaurant gets. The atmosphere, the customer service, and the cleanliness of a place also determines if a restaurant is worthy of being called one of the best in the nation.

Though hard to chose, the following is a list of only the 15 best restaurants that are currently serving up mouth watering food with impeccable service in the United States.

Chez Panisse – Berkeley, California

With a cozy, modern feel to the restaurant, Chez Panisse, located in Berkeley, California, is sure to be a crowd pleaser. Serving up dishes made only from local, organic foods, Chez Panisse prides itself for using the California cuisine style of cooking. Alice Waters, the owner, has won several awards for her restaurant including Gourmet magazine’s Best Restaurant in America in 2001 and won the Restaurant Magazine’s Lifetime Achievement Award in 2007. Due to buying food from local farmers, ranchers, and dairies that are sustainable and organic, the menu changes up based on what is currently in season. Mondays are reserved for more rustic and regional dishes, while Tuesday through Thursday are set up for 4-course meals. Fridays and Saturdays serve up more elaborate 4-course meals. The upstairs area has a café with an a la carte menu, set up to be more modestly priced than the downstairs portion. The restaurant is closed on Sundays.

Rasika – Washington, D.C.

A modern Indian restaurant with a sophisticated atmosphere, Rasika in Washington D.C., is best known for it’s popular crispy spinach dish. Rasika prides itself of it’s signature dishes along side the crispy spinach, including Tawa, Sigri, Tandoori, and other regional dishes. Rasika is one of eight award-winning restaurants owned by Ashok Bajaj, who founded Knightsbridge Management, LLC in 1989. Bajaj has received numerous awards for Rasika as well as his other restaurants such as The Bombay Club, nopa Kitchen+Bar, and The Oval Room. Rasika was given the Best New Restaurants in the USA award by Esquire, and was featured in numerous other publications, winning titles and awards for best restaurant numerous times. Ashok Bajaj was also named one of the 50 Most Powerful People in Washington by GQ magazine in 2009, receiving numerous personal awards highlighting his success as well. Rasika also features a temperature controlled wine cellar that can also be enjoyed by guests.