15 Beautiful and Simple Homes in Nature

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As young children when we dream, we tend to focus on the future, more specifically we tend to think about what we’d like when our lives advance a few years. To get even more specific, most people think of their dream home, their dream job, their significant other, and the types of experiences they’d like to have. Well, even as adults we can think of that type of stuff quite regularly, but there are some people out there who are already situated in our dream homes. So, without further ado, here are 15 homes located in the middle of nature to enhance your love of the world and the dreams roaming through your mind on a nightly basis.

Home in the Hills

Having the opportunity to say you own a home in the hills, specifically one in the middle of an ancient forest situated on the side of a mountain, is something we all wish we can say. Well, there are people out there located somewhere in an altitude range that many of us don’t feel comfortable counting to that are lying beside their fire, snow drifting outdoors, and the trees swaying in the light breeze as they enjoy life. You could have that, too, if you just imagine it to be so. This house, in particular, catches our fancy, as the bright red contrasts against the darkened, snowy forest quite well. It’s incredible to think someone is living on the side of a mountain like that. Someday, you probably will, too. Just, please, don’t get lost when you’re out looking for some firewood or something to eat for the night. That forest is massive.

Snowy Camouflaged Abode

Your simple abode doesn’t have to be a massive, multi-story escapade with numerous outcroppings made of stone and wood, or have staircases leading to seemingly nowhere. No, instead you can have a simple, small log cabin in the middle of the woods. Trees that are covered by snow and turned pure white by the winter months are definitely a plus, as it allows the house to be shrouded in complete camouflage for the unsuspecting onlooker. You may not want a hiker basking in the glory that is your home away from home, so allowing the snow to build up a little certainly doesn’t hurt. Of course, don’t let the snow cover the entrance or the windows, otherwise you may find yourself stuck inside for a few weeks, or months if you’re not overly lucky. Make sure you bring supplies, too. This house looks out of touch with the local towns.

A Dreamy Lakefront

Having a home situated comfortably in the mountains is great and all, but having on at the edge of a massive lake, sitting on a rocky outcropping, looking out over the foggy water, is definitely a plus in our book. Again, the bright red painting of the home sets it apart from everything in the immediate surroundings, all of which is basked in the glow of fresh snow and early morning air. We’re willing to bet there are some whales and other wildlife swimming in those waters, too, making waking up in the morning something of an experience itself. Just imagine, you wake up, peer out the glass window, and there is a whale just coming up over the top of the water before sinking back into the depths below. It would be hard not to smile at just the imagery in your mind, let alone the actual event taking place in front of you.

Lost in White

Returning the mountains once again, this home is situated cleverly between two hills in a little dip between the snowy mountains. It may be incredibly hard to walk through that thick layer of white snow, but it’s certainly worth the trek. Of course, snowmobiles, snowshoes, and dog sleds will make the journey back and forth to this house a lot easier, and certainly far more adventurous than many of us may be used to. Unfortunately, there is on major downside to owning a home situated on the side of a mountain like this, and that downside is the inevitable happening of an avalanche. One wrong quake and the entire mountain above could come crashing down upon your head in no time. We highly suggest bringing enough supplies to last a few weeks, and a couple of good snow shovels, too. Perhaps a friend or two could help shovel as well.

Fresh Mountain Air

So, your domain is situated on the side of a mountain, is that right? Well, this home is placed firmly at the top of the mountain, albeit one overlooking an even larger mountain across the foggy way. We can’t imagine what it takes to venture forth to reach this humble home, but we’re willing to bet this trek is an interesting, albeit long, one. The house is distant, and it looks small, but at this point in the world, you don’t really need anything larger. Bring a good book, some wood to burn in a makeshift fire, some good food, and maybe a friend or significant other to enhance the experience tenfold. Being able to share that view with another could be the best experience you gain from the entire situation, though we don’t imagine there are a lot of bad experiences to be had that high up in the mountains, either.

Defend the Hill

Sure, a massive mountain is cool, but a small one is still pretty awesome to call home. This one, in particular, offers a wide vantage point for anyone worried about roaming bands of knights or villagers searching for supplies for their kingdom. On a more realistic note, this house is small, like most of the others featured here today, but it offers a quiet type of setting that could be the perfect escape from the massive bustle that comes with living in a city. Just imagine, there are no car horns, no shouting vendors, and no dogs barking in the middle of the night when you’re that high up in the mountain. And you can certainly bet you’re high, as the fog surrounding that hill is thick and covers every inch of the natural world around the home. Sitting atop that hill in the early morning would be cold, but certainly something to write home about.

King of the Lake

Living on the side of a lake? That’s cute. Of course, you can be the owner of this brilliant home, the king of the lake. It’s a small one again, and it’s situated perfectly on a small island at the center of a pristine lake. The surrounding area is covered in thick forest, all layered with a fresh bout of snow. It may require a boat to ensure you can get back and forth, but that’s just one more perk. How many people do you know that can say they own both a boat and a home on an island at the center of a quiet lake in the middle of a forest? We’re sure there aren’t many within your circle, but if there are, then you have some incredibly cool friends. We’d highly suggest spending some time in the early morning hours fishing for whatever may be in the lake. Just be sure to watch out for anything too big, otherwise you may get wet and cold quick.

The Gates to Paradise

Look, we’re back in the mountains again! That’s certainly not a bad thing for those who enjoy nature, and we suspect you do if you’re checking out these humble abodes situated in some of the best places nature has to offer. This one, however, is a favorite, as it is situated perfectly, with the path leading to the front door directly between two standing trees acting as guards against oncoming invaders. The snow looks thick, but people have trekked through it before, leading us to believe it’s completely possible to walk back and forth from this home to wherever it may lead. There really is nothing better than spending a quiet afternoon in front of a fire, book in hand, with snow falling outdoors to let you know you’re alive and comfortable with how everything turned out. Bring your significant other, this could be the perfect spot to whip out that ring.

The Famed Lakehouse

When most people think about living by the lake, they tend to think about something warm, someplace they can swim during the warm summer months. However, that’s not everyone’s dream. In fact, some people tend to enjoy the cold, winter months, especially when the snow falls sporadically and the ground is covered. You won’t be able to swim, unless you’re incredibly brave, but you can still sit on the beach and enjoy the view. Of course, being this close to the water you may want to own a boat, too, which will open up an entire new avenue for entertainment during those long days up north. You might still get cold, and the boat may rock with whatever wildlife is crazy enough to live there, but you’re going to remember the time spent on that lake at anytime of the day. You may even be able to fish.

Fancy Home in the Hills

There appears to be a fascination with building an entire home on the side of a mountain, and there is nothing wrong with that at all. We’d certainly enjoy living on the side of a mountain, especially one with as beautiful of scenery as this one. This home is a little larger than most of the homes previously shown in the list, what with it’s two stories and deck and everything, but it’s certainly not one a minimalist would care to pass up. It’s a beautiful retreat, and one that anyone would be lucky enough to own. Getting there, of course, would be as difficult, if not more so, than most of the homes already mentioned previously. Close your eyes for a moment and imagine what it would be like to look out that circular window at the front of the home and down the steep slope of the mountain. Your view may be blocked by the trees, but it’s still interesting to consider.

A Perfect Ski Lodge

Skiing and snowboarding have grown in popularity immensely in the past few years, and with good reason, as they are incredibly fun sports to entertain oneself. This humble home at the top of the mountain will allow anyone interested in spending some time in the snow, especially going downhill on those pieces of plastic as the wind whips past you. The trees may prove an obstacle, especially if you run into one, so be sure to get some training in before you find yourself atop this mountain for an adventurous week or two of exploring the hills while skiing. However, if you prefer to just keep an evening of quiet as your entertainment, no one is going to blame you for that. This home looks like it will do well for a quiet week, too. Bring your favorite book, or two, and finish it within the time you spend up on the mountain.

The Perfect View

The Aurora Borealis is certainly a sight to behold for anyone travelling towards its epicenter for the perfect view. However, if you own a small cabin directly under the Northern Lights, then you’re probably one of the luckiest, or hardest working, people in the entire world. You may even have the opportunity to charge exorbitant prices for this log cabin in the center of a snowy field for a couple who wishes to spend the night underneath the Lights. If you can stand the cold chill of the snow against your back, then you may have the perfect opportunity to lay on your back in the middle of the snowy expanse outside this log cabin and look upon the Northern Lights in all their glory above you. Again, bring a friend or significant other to ensure this experience is far more excited for everyone involved. It’s romantic, it’s awesome, and it’s something everyone will remember.

Abandoned? No Problem

This next submission is abandoned, we’ll get that out of the way now. It’s really small, even compared to some of the other entries on this epic list of homes amidst nature, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t any less charming than the rest. In fact, we’d argue that is has its own rustic charm that anyone could get used to after spending some time curled up inside on a soft, comfortable bed during a particularly cold day. The landscape is a little rocky, sure, but it has character. It takes a special kind of traveler to enjoy this sort of landscape and home, but they’re definitely out there, mouths watering as they look upon this small abode. Traveling across the rocky outcroppings may prove difficult for some, but the challenge will be plenty enticing for a lot of people out there, perhaps yourselves included. Let’s hope the metal frame keeps the cold out well enough.

Luxury at the Lake

There have been plenty of submissions in this article where a beautiful home was located at the edge of a lake. However, this one happens to be a personal favorite, as it not only comes with the brilliant two story home, but also a boat house and dock for the owner to enjoy. The lake looks almost perfect, with crystal, flat water, a mixture of rocks along the outer edge, and what appears to be the perfect spot for fishing. The forest lying behind the home is equally interesting, as it is a wide expanse of pure nature, offering the chance at hunting, hiking, and just general exploring of the entire area. Living here would be more than a dream come true, and that dream is best shared together with a significant other. Spend some time on the boat, in the forest, or just relaxing on the couch in the house to enjoy life to the fullest.

Little Hideaway

Situated far from civilization, in a lonely little forest, lies a single story cabin with a few windows and a lone door leading in and out. This is where you will retire when you get older, when things in the big city get too hectic, or when you just want some time away from the entire world to explore the wilderness in all its glory. This final home is the reason you enjoy the world, it’s the last bastion of quiet and calm in the entire land. You bring the fire wood, we’ll bring the food supplies, and the entire weekend will be dedicated to relaxing within the confines of the forest. Perhaps there is a fishing hole, or just a spot to hunt for good game during the season. Just don’t get lost on the way there or back, it looks like this particular cabin is located in the middle of nowhere.