15 Beautiful and Simple Homes in Nature

As young children when we dream, we tend to focus on the future, more specifically we tend to think about what we’d like when our lives advance a few years. To get even more specific, most people think of their dream home, their dream job, their significant other, and the types of experiences they’d like to have. Well, even as adults we can think of that type of stuff quite regularly, but there are some people out there who are already situated in our dream homes. So, without further ado, here are 15 homes located in the middle of nature to enhance your love of the world and the dreams roaming through your mind on a nightly basis.

Home in the Hills

Having the opportunity to say you own a home in the hills, specifically one in the middle of an ancient forest situated on the side of a mountain, is something we all wish we can say. Well, there are people out there located somewhere in an altitude range that many of us don’t feel comfortable counting to that are lying beside their fire, snow drifting outdoors, and the trees swaying in the light breeze as they enjoy life. You could have that, too, if you just imagine it to be so. This house, in particular, catches our fancy, as the bright red contrasts against the darkened, snowy forest quite well. It’s incredible to think someone is living on the side of a mountain like that. Someday, you probably will, too. Just, please, don’t get lost when you’re out looking for some firewood or something to eat for the night. That forest is massive.

Snowy Camouflaged Abode

Your simple abode doesn’t have to be a massive, multi-story escapade with numerous outcroppings made of stone and wood, or have staircases leading to seemingly nowhere. No, instead you can have a simple, small log cabin in the middle of the woods. Trees that are covered by snow and turned pure white by the winter months are definitely a plus, as it allows the house to be shrouded in complete camouflage for the unsuspecting onlooker. You may not want a hiker basking in the glory that is your home away from home, so allowing the snow to build up a little certainly doesn’t hurt. Of course, don’t let the snow cover the entrance or the windows, otherwise you may find yourself stuck inside for a few weeks, or months if you’re not overly lucky. Make sure you bring supplies, too. This house looks out of touch with the local towns.