14 Pro Wrestlers Whose Lives Fell Apart

Jeff Hardy

Despite achieving a good deal of success in WWE over several years, Jeff Hardy made life difficult for himself and constantly jeopardized his career. In 2003, WWE released him from his contract citing strange behavior and drug problems. After a three year hiatus from professional wrestling, he re-joined WWE but left in 2009 claiming that he needed rest to heal several long-term injuries. However, shortly after this, police apprehended him on charges of drug possessions and trafficking. This resulted in Hardy having to pay a large fine, go on probation and spend 10 days in jail.

Michael Lockwood

Better known as Crash Holly, Michael Lockwood became highly popular in the WWF and became something of a star, defending the Hardcore Championship 22 times. He was released from the WWE in 2003 and then entered NWA Total Non-Stop Action as Mad Mikey but only competed in a small number of events. Lockwood was later found dead in the home of one his friends after taking the prescription drug Carisoprodol and drinking alcohol, with the death recorded by officials as being a suicide. One speculated reason for the suicide was that he had been having marital difficulties and had recently been served papers for divorce.