10 Breathtaking Ice Sculptures You Have To See

Everyone has made a sandcastle in their life — you get a bucket, some damp sand and fill it, then turn the bucket upside down. That’s for beginners, then you see people making marvelous things out of sand. Sand is one thing, you can take as much time as you want since it wont melt or blow away. Then you’ve got ice — a medium that if you take too long, it’ll melt away. A medium that is so brittle, so fragile, that one wrong move could destroy your whole work and cannot be repaired. Here are 10 breathtaking sculptures made from ice than have us in awe.


The amount of man hours, planning and ice put into this sculpture is mind boggling!

Icy Octopus

The intricacy of this octopus is astounding. We can barely make ice cubes properly, let alone carve something like this!