14 Gifts for the Food Lover in Your Life

Everyone loves good food. Well, mostly everyone. There are some people out there that would surprise you as they looked down upon the epic slice of pizza folded in your hands, or the cookie the size of your head, or perhaps that cheeseburger oozing with three different flavors of cheese, bacon, and barbecue sauce. Now that everyone is hungry for their favorite food, maybe you can take a moment to discover a special holiday gift for another food lover in your life. There are far more food-related gifts than you may have once though, and they all look pretty scrumptious.

The Cookie Mug

Cookies and milk. Easily one of the most iconic snack foods for all ages, even if you’re well into adulthood. The thought of dipping a warm chocolate chip cookie, or even a store bought, packaged cookie, makes everyone’s mouth salivate. Now, however, for the cookie lover in your life, you can combine for those favored things into one easy-to-carry mug, where the cookies are inserted into a compartment at the bottom of the mug. Just be wary of tipping the entire thing over, otherwise there will be a few spilled cookies on the floor and one angry individual holding an empty cup in their hands.

Candy Cane Stirs

It is finally the holiday season, which means you can break out the hot chocolate mugs, the mini marshmallows, and the peppermint candy canes for the kids. Of course, treats like those aren’t only for the children, as you can now use these new candy cane stirs to…well, stir your hot chocolate or coffee while sitting in the warmth of your own home. The flavor will, obviously, enhance the hot chocolate. The taste of melted peppermint and chocolate mixed together should make anyone happy, unless they are the Grinch. Give this one a try with the young audience, you’re sure to win a few fans.