10 Cancelled TV Shows That Came Back With A Vengeance

The nature of television can be tragic. No matter how beloved a series might be, if it doesn’t have great ratings, it will possibly get axed. But it isn’t always the end. On rare occasions, cancelled TV shows come back to life bigger and better than ever. What can resurrect a dead show? Sometimes it’s fan pressure, sometimes it’s DVD sales, sometimes it’s the hard work of dedicated producers, but however it happens, it’s always nice to spend a few more seasons with our favorite characters.

Family Guy

Seth MacFarlane’s animated sitcom wasn’t always the smash hit it is today. In fact, FOX didn’t seem to know what to do with the show for the first three years of its run. After a series of disastrous time slot changes, FOX cancelled Family Guy in 2003. That would have been the end for most shows, but Family Guy had a second coming when strong DVD sales and high ratings in syndication convinced FOX to renew the show in 2005. Ever since, its remained a ratings powerhouse and cultural mainstay, even spawning two in-universe spin offs, American Dad! and The Cleveland Show.


Baywatch almost ended after one season, but lead actor David Hasselhoff just couldn’t let the campy TV drama die. He assumed the role of executive producer and revived the series in 1991. This time, the show was a huge hit and ran until 2001 – that’s an additional ten years of glorious slow motion lifeguarding.