13 Things You Wouldn’t Realize Turn 30 This Year

There’s no better way to know that you are getting far too old than looking at a list of things (some beloved, others hated) that are going to be turning 30 this year. Keep in mind there are people hitting the bars tonight that were born nine full years after some of these things were released on the world. A few of them were so short lived, those 20-somethings don’t even know they existed in the first place. Other items have stood the test of time but would certainly shock almost everyone if they knew how old they actually were.

We Are The World

The song that attempted to show that the entire music industry could come together in “We Are the World” was first recorded in 1985. That same year, a number of concerts were launched all with the goal of helping people who couldn’t help themselves.

New Coke

Probably the most universally reviled item on this list. New Coke was introduced in 1985 amid a marketing blitz that haven’t been seen in the soft drink market ever since. That campaign came to an abrupt end when people hated the taste. Three months later Coca-Cola did away with the new formula and brought back “Coke Classic.”


MTV hit the airwaves a few years before 1985 but VH1 was born 30 years ago this year as a direct competitor. This was back when both networks actually showed music videos.