12 Best Ways To Cure Your Hangover After A Wild Night Out

Lemon Juice!

Drinking lemon juice or eating a lemon won’t immediately cure your hangover, but it will ensure that your liver manages to heal after the heavy pounding it took. Stimulating the production of bile, which pushes toxins out of your body, lemon also helps prevent the buildup of gallstones and aids with digestion and the movement of gastric juices.

All The Berries!

Much like lemons, the berries won’t help you out immediately, but they will definitely have a positive effect on your body. Rich in antioxidants, berries help detoxify and cleanse your liver. Furthermore, taking these antioxidants naturally, by eating berries, is a far better way to absorb them into your body than taking them as supplements.

Toast and Crackers!

Dehydration is only one reason for the way your body feels after the crazy partying and drinking. In order to put a stop to the whirlwind in your stomach, make sure to eat toast and crackers. Carbs will help your body bring your blood sugar levels back up and dry food is the best way to get carbs in your body after a night of heavy drinking.