12 Best Ways To Cure Your Hangover After A Wild Night Out

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You’ve had a crazy night out with friends, you barely remember what happened and your head feels like it weighs a thousand pounds; your body is aching and you swear not to drink again, even though you secretly know you will. Of course, pharmaceuticals companies know this as well and they’re constantly releasing new pills to allegedly cure your hangover; the problem – none of them work. However, there are a few remedies you could try in order to feel like a person again after your wild night out.

Drink Two Glasses of Cold Water

It’s not uncommon to see someone begging for water first thing when they wake up, after a wild night out. After all, excessive drinking quenches your thirst, because your body is hydrated. By drinking at least two glasses of cold water first thing in the morning, you’ll ensure that you are on your way to becoming a person again. Yes, cold water won’t cure your hangover, but it’s a step in the right direction, and it does help.

Sprite, 7-Up or Any Caffeine-Free Sugar Drink

It may sound ironic, but caffeine-free sugar drinks are a great way to feel better again after a crazy night. According to a Chinese study, drinks such as Sprite and 7-Up, or almost any sports sugar drink for that matter, helps your body to metabolize alcohol better by speeding up your ability to process the chemical ALDH, which is believed to be the sole reason for every hangover symptom.


Exercise certainly won’t cure your hangover, as you alcohol isn’t simply something you can “sweat out.” However, exercise has a ton of benefits, one of which being the release of endorphins. It will certainly easy your pain and boost your mood. However, be sure to have a water bottle by your side, as you don’t want to get extra-dyhydrated.

Lemon Juice!

Drinking lemon juice or eating a lemon won’t immediately cure your hangover, but it will ensure that your liver manages to heal after the heavy pounding it took. Stimulating the production of bile, which pushes toxins out of your body, lemon also helps prevent the buildup of gallstones and aids with digestion and the movement of gastric juices.

All The Berries!

Much like lemons, the berries won’t help you out immediately, but they will definitely have a positive effect on your body. Rich in antioxidants, berries help detoxify and cleanse your liver. Furthermore, taking these antioxidants naturally, by eating berries, is a far better way to absorb them into your body than taking them as supplements.

Toast and Crackers!

Dehydration is only one reason for the way your body feels after the crazy partying and drinking. In order to put a stop to the whirlwind in your stomach, make sure to eat toast and crackers. Carbs will help your body bring your blood sugar levels back up and dry food is the best way to get carbs in your body after a night of heavy drinking.

Pain Medication

While going for the “miraculous” pills that are advertised to cure your hangover isn’t the best thing you could do, taking pain medication is something you could try. Anti-inflammatory drugs, such as Aspirin, Ibuprofen and Naproxen will help you out with your headache. However, this may stress out your lives, thus make sure to use medication only as a last-measure.


Asparagus may not be one of your favorite vegetables, but it can actually help out your morning booze problems. The amino acids in the vegetable improve the speed with which your cells break down alcohol, which may prevent most of the long-term damage from the toxic byproducts of alcohol.

Bananas and Pretzels

One of the most peculiar combinations, bananas and pretzels are recommended by world famous nutritionists to help you deal with hangover. The reason? Pretzels are high in salt, while bananas are high in potassium. Both salt and potassium help your body hold onto water and ultimately decrease dehydration, a step forward in the right direction and to feeling better.

Garlic and Grapefruit!

Garlic may give you worse breath than the one you already have, but it helps your liver flush out the toxins from your body and protect it from damages. At the same time, grapefruit causes your liver to burn fat, instead of storing it and helps your body boost detoxification enzymes. While you are at it, you might want to eat an avocado as well for the ultimate liver-cleansing-trifecta.

Herbal Tea

Herbal Tea, especially ginger or peppermint tea, is considered to be the perfect soothing brew for a hangover. Reducing your stomachaches and nausea, herbal tea can also be helpful to the liver as studies show it stimulates key detoxification pathways.

Have A Limit And Drink Responsibly!

Yes, this can’t cure your hangover, it can prevent it, so it’s something to think about. We’ve all been there, but alcoholism can be an issue. Make sure to have fun and experience crazy nights, but drink responsibly. You can get lost in the moment without having to drink excessive amounts of booze and suffer in the morning.

That being said, what you have to remember is – drink less next time, eat every possible vegetable and fruit you can find, drink tea and sprite, eat a toast, take an aspirin and go out for a quick jog after drinking a ton of water – you’ll be good as new! And don’t forget – Party On!