12 Absurd Images Depicting Modern Evolution

It’s amazing how technology has radically changed how humans behave in a course of a few years. Technology has evolved modern man’s way of interacting with people, making friends, doing schoolwork and even finding a job. Everything can be done in a single click of a button — or in some cases, through voice activation!

Because of modern technology, life has gotten faster and easier — but has it gotten better? Are people of the millennial generation happier? We’ll leave that to your judgement. Here are 12 Images that depict how life has evolved in our current generation. Enjoy.

Basic Human Needs

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs should be updated to meet the basic needs of the 21st century man.

Size Compromises

As the TV screen size gets smaller, the waistline gets bigger…

Dubai, The Wonder City

One of the most radical changes of landscape is the city of Dubai. In 1990’s, it was a desert town — no one knew what ‘Dubai’ was. Now, it is a thriving giant, boasting a breathtaking cityscape unmatched by no other city in the world.