11 Weird Ways To Live Longer

Society is embroiled in an eternal quest for youth and immortality. But, the Fountain of Youth turned out to be just a legend and all those anti-aging creams are just fancy lotions. However, science has joined the search for ways to live longer and some surprising results are popping up. Here are eleven surprising ways you can add extra years to your life, and maybe even make your years a little more fun and rewarding.

Find Religion

If the Fountain of Youth does appear, it might be full of holy water. No matter what the faith, people who attend church, pray, meditate, or simply define themselves as religious tend to live longer. It’s unlikely that a higher power is granting extra years. It’s more likely that people of faith deal with stress and anxiety better, live less risky lives and have more supportive social circles.

Do Something Nice

We all learned the Golden Rule as little kids, but, aside from just being a good thing to do, serving others can actually help you live longer. Research shows that people who volunteer, help in their communities, donate money to charity or help take care of friends and relatives are rewarded with extra time on earth.