10 Weird Yet Awesome Facts You Never Knew About Minecraft

There are probably very few people on this planet who have not heard of Minecraft and how big the once-indie game truly is. It is hard to argue that someone should not care about the voxel-based building game, as it has gone on to influence entire generations of gamers, programmers, and content creators alike. The title has over 100 million registered users across the entire world. Teachers have begun using the software as a teaching tool for their classrooms. But it doesn’t stop there. People have a lot to learn about Minecraft. Here are ten weird yet awesome facts about Minecraft.

Six Days

The very first version of Minecraft was crafted in just six days back in 2009. Swedish programmer and designer Markus Persson, known to the world as “Notch,” wanted a game to help launch his company, Mojang AB.

Female Cows

All of the cows you come across within the world of Minecraft are actually females, since they release milk. However, they still manage to breed with each other.