10 Weird Ways Video Games Affect Your Brain

Video games are everywhere around us. Kids nowadays start playing games on their iPhones as young as two years old, and addiction to gaming can become a serious problem from a very young age. Some of the reasons for that are way simpler than we think, as video games affect our brains in shocking ways we never really considered. Here’s the list of ten weird ways video games work their way into your brain, and stay there.

Sibling Relationships

Turns out that brothers and sisters who play the most violent games together fight way less with each other. The research showed that siblings learn how to defend each other while playing games such as Call Of Duty and later do that in real life.

The Bystander Effect

The bystander effect deals with the fact that if there are more people in a given area, it is much less likely that one individual will help the person in need. They will most likely think someone else will and proceed to stand back. The bystander effect is greatly boosted by video games and can be replicated in real life very easily.