10 Of The Dumbest Things Celebrities Lied About

It’s just about impossible for celebrities to keep a clean slate. Paparazzi and their fans are always watching and wanting to know all about them. At some point, they’ll do something stupid, and it’s always better for them to fess up and admit to their wrongdoing. Not all of them do, and some get caught in serious issues that are simply flat-out embarrassing. Here are some celebrities that were eventually found out in wild and crazy lies.

Justin Bieber

The lie was a publicity stunt that featured the now legal-aged music star saying on Twitter that somebody stole his laptop and was leaking his nude photos. After his fans went absolutely nuts, he then admitted that it was just to promote a new music video.

Paris Hilton

The hotel heiress sure spiraled downhill after breaking out with the reality show, The Simple Life. She’s continually lied about smoking weed and using cocaine, even in court, only to be caught later on.