10 Weird Items You Can Purchase On Amazon

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Amazon has become the ideal online shopping network for almost every single person on the planet. Everyone loves to get something new in the mail, and the online store carries just about every item you could possible consider. Unfortunately, the shopping giant also has some of the most bizarre and weirdest items imaginable. Everything from animal urine to a UFO detector. People have actually purchased and reviewed some of the products. Here are the ten weirdest items you can purchase through Amazon.

Wolf Urine

Yes, this is completely true. You can purchase an entire jug of 100 percent wolf urine, which is said to deter any animals from entering your home. One reviewer claims it is highly effective, though it cannot ship to California, so don’t even bother trying.

Stop Eating Poop!

Stop Eating Poop! is a product that claims to remove the natural instinct of a canine to eat its own feces. The product, which comes in a small jar, contains glutamic acid, yucca, peppermint, and parsley, all of which help stop the dog from eating stool and urine.

Gay Attraction Body Mist

Gay Attraction Body Mist is positively the strangest product we could possibly have come across. One reviewer claims it works, and after years of study by the production company, this spray will help attract other gay individuals near you.

Dr. John’s Famous Pee Pee

Dr. John’s Famous Pee Pee has a pretty amazing name, we have to be honest. But are you really going to spend hard-earned cash on someone else’s urine when you can just pee into your own hand. This should help you pass a drug test, though.


For the low, low price of just $20,000, even you could own your own battle tank. The tank for sale can carry five passengers internally and a single passenger on the outside. Headlights, armor, and a PA system are all included, but no main cannon.

Liquid Ass Fart Spray

If you are having trouble farting and stinking out those in your home, then purchase a small spray bottle of Liquid Ass Fart Spray. Once it has been opened and used, the overwhelming stench won’t be just a joke any longer.

UFO Detector

For those who simply want to find a UFO in their lifetime, there is the UFO Detector, which can be purchased for quite the low price of $88. The detector is thought to track magnetic and electromagnetic disturbances caused by unidentified flying objects.

Roswell Soil Sample

Again, for those in love with unidentified flying objects, you can purchase a small parcel of dirt directly from the famous Roswell site, where UFOs are sighted at least once a month. The crash site of at least one alien craft is said to have occurred here.

Deer Butt

For those with a profound interest in taxidermy, hunting, or just dead things altogether, you can buy your very own real whitetail deer butt. The butt comes fully stuffed upon delivery, so don’t worry about doing it yourself.


Believe it or not, the uranium you can purchase on Amazon is actually incredibly real. It was made for “educational and scientific” purposes only, so don’t even think about buying it for anything else. Purchasing it will probably land you on a watch list, though.