10 Weird Habits Of Incredibly Powerful Figures

Every single human being in this entire world has a unique quirk and habit that we tend to receive at some point in our lives, it doesn’t matter how influential of a person or how powerful we are within the government. It makes complete sense for some of us to have a bizarre quirk or habit, but only to ourselves. To other people, however, these little habits tend to seem incredibly odd; and some people may even ridicule them when they spot you doing it. Here are ten great and powerful figures throughout the world who have very human tendencies.

Angela Merkel – Food Hoarding

German Chancellor Angela Merkel spent 35 years of her life living in communist East Germany, where a significant lack of food and other supplies caused frequent shortages. Like many living during that time, Merkel picked up the habit of hoarding food and cleaning supplies.

John Key – Hairpulling

New Zealand Prime Minister John Key landed himself in some trouble when a waitress in an Auckland cafe accused him of pulling on her ponytail whenever he went into the establishment. Apparently, the Prime Minster has a thing for yanking people’s hair.