10 Weird And Disturbing Pieces Of Home Decorations

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Every person likes to stamp their own personal mark on their home by decorating it in a unique way. A home is always seen as a reflection of one’s personality and styling it is considered quite a vital element. Buying unique furniture and niche decorative items is one way of putting your mark on your home. Most people are constantly on the look out for the next big addition to their home to make it stand out from the crowd. Here is a list of 10 pieces of home decoration that are totally bizarre and shouldn’t be seen in any home.

Bleeding Candles

Candles are supposed to be relaxing and should ideally set the mood for a peaceful evening. Having candles that bleed is a strange way of putting your feet up.

Bloody Bath Mat

Using a mat that looks like someone was dripping in blood in your home is a good gag for Halloween but not much else.

Morbid Mirror

This mirror looks like it would go nicely in a torture chamber, but not in anybody’s home.

Furniture With Feet

Why would you even consider buying furniture that have actual legs instead of wooden ones?

Coffee Table Coffin

Having a coffin-shaped coffee table in your living room is just about the darkest thing we can think of.

Doll Drawer Handles

Have you ever pulled your drawer and wondered if there was a more exciting way to access your belongings? If you are weird enough to wonder about that, then doll drawer Handles are probably for you.

Babe Face Tile

Having these tiles in your children’s bedroom is a great way to make sure they have nightmares every night.

Lamp Of People

This lamp is probably what hell looks like – crowded and extremely uncomfortable.

Anatomy Print

Do you miss seeing your insides? Maybe you would want to get some furniture to remind you how gross your internal system really looks.

HItler Rug

There is no better way to show your hatred towards the Nazis that by buying a rug with Hitler’s face on it.