10 Very Surprising Items Prisoners Can Keep in Jail

Prison is probably one of the most difficult things someone can ever go through – and most people would argue that these individuals spending their years behind bars are getting everything they deserve. That may be true, but a lot of prisons have recently begun offering a few distinct luxuries for their inmates. This is said to help them remain calm and keep order throughout the entire facility. Overall, though, it is a tad surprising that these men and women can hang on to such items. Here are ten very surprising items prisoners can keep in jail.


Music can be an incredibly powerful tool that is capable of calming, relaxing, and transporting individuals to an entire other dimension. Prisoners are allowed to keep them in order to remain docile while sitting in their cells.


It has been awhile since pets were allowed in some prisons, though there are a few facilities across the country that still allow it. Prisoners are more likely to be relaxed if they have a cat or a mouse to care for.

Digital TV

Television is the key to the outside world, so it makes sense that some prisons have begun adopting digital televisions in the cells of inmates in order to keep everyone happy. If prisoners are happy then they are not causing any trouble.

Video Game Consoles

There is only one thing that is better than a television, and that is a video game console to attach to it. Some prisoners are capable of completing Final Fantasy, which helps them relax and feel entertained through their stint.

High Speed Internet

High Speed Internet is a requirement in most countries across the world, and some prisons have begun to implement their own system. With internet, these inmates can basically do anything, include email, watch videos, and read entire novels.

Cheaper Drugs

Drugs are generally the ticket to a prison sentence, and yet there is a fairly easy and cheap way to receive them in prison. Some English prisons are actually allowing the cheap drugs inside the walls, oddly enough.


In certain South American and Central American prisons, prostitutes are allowed inside the walls to service the needs of the inmates. Payment usually occurs in the form of trades for goods and drugs, though.

Great Healthcare

There was a tale of a homeless man who robbed a federal bank in an effort to steal a single dollar bill. The man simply wanted access to healthcare in prison that he couldn’t afford otherwise.

First-Class Restaurant

There are certain prisons around the world that offer inmates the chance to work in a First-Class Restaurant preparing food, serving customers, and taking orders from high-paying clientele.

Prison Restaurants

There are prisons that feature their own restaurant, completely run by prisoners. The food served is actually a tad bit better than most fast-food restaurants in the outside world.