10 Unbelievable Pictures That Showcase The Abilities Of Shaolin Monks

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The human body is capable of achieving anything that we set our minds to, and no group of people personify this belief better than Shaolin monks. Shaolin monks are one of the most disciplined and spiritually enlightened people in the world and their abilities as a result of this physical and mental state are truly astounding. They can tolerate extreme temperatures, run on planks of wood floating on water and can pretty much contort their body in any way they see fit. This list features 10 stunning pictures that showcase the abilities of these monks:

Hard To Swallow

These monks have a high tolerance for pain and a tough exterior which is why they are able to bend a weapon that would have gravely wounded normal people.

Foot In Your Mouth

Having your foot in your mouth can be a bad thing unless you are a monk. Then it becomes an extraordinary feat.

Crouching Tiger

This monk looks extremely at ease despite his body taking an unbelievable shape.

Bed Of Nails

An extreme variation of the bed of nails feat, this time featuring two super-human monks.

Head Stand

Standing on their head seems to be as normal for these monks as standing on their feet.

Human Pretzel

This monk is able to stand his ground despite turning his body into a pretzel.

Suction Power

It is truly shocking that this monk is able to stay afloat based on suction and vacuum alone.

Finger Power

Who needs five fingers when each of your fingers is this strong!

Painful Suspension

Being suspended by a bed of spikes seems impossible unless you are a Shaolin monk.

Comfort In The Abnormal

These monks have turned our world upside down with their incredible and inspiring feats.