10 Celebrities With An Exotic Taste In Pets

Lets face it, there are too many amazing things attached to being a celebrity. Sure there are also the battles against pain, failure, mediocrity, drugs, addiction and loss, but only a cynic would focus on these things. The list of positives largely outweigh the negatives. You can create art if you are truly capable, you can change or impact the world a lot more than an average person, you can have interact with some amazing people, travel anywhere you want, buy whatever your heart desires and even own any pet you please. Here is a list of 10 celebrities who enjoyed a taste of the good life by owning some exotic pets.

George Clooney and Max

You don’t expect some one like George Clooney to own a dog, that would be stupid and boring. The man with the golden hair had a pot belly pig called Max for 18 years, before Max passed away in 2006.

Audrey Hepburn and Pippin

A classy and sophisticated lady such as Audrey Hepburn wouldn’t be caught dead with a poodle in her bag. She had an awesome pet, a fawn by the name of Pippin. Even the name Pippin is so classy and old timey.