10 Troubled Stars Who Cleaned Up Their Act

Every now and then a famous celebrity faces some ups and downs while still in the public eye. Many of these celebrities have faced scandals, multiple arrests, and even abused drugs or alcohol. Thankfully, some celebrities are able to overcome their troubled obstacles and have managed to get their lives back on track. It’s great to see some of these fallen stars bounce back to their normal lives. Here’s a list of a few troubled stars that have gotten their lives back on track.

Chris Brown

Chris Brown was a troubled star after his infamous accident with Rihanna. Since then, the talented singer has gotten off probation and stayed out of trouble. He is currently releasing new music while raising his daughter, Royalty.

Drew Barrymore

In her younger years, Drew Barrymore went to rehab for drug and alcohol abuse. She now has a steady career as an actress and film director.