10 Tips To Quickly Gain Schwarzenegger-Like Muscles

So, you’ve finally decided to get off your couch and start living like the boss you are? Good! Almost every man on the earth wants to have a body like the muscle icon Arnold Schwarzenegger, but the truth is that his body took years to train. Furthermore, you are not exactly sure where to start, are you? Don’t Worry! We’ll give you the best 10 tips to quickly gain Schwarzenegger-like muscles and get you familirized with the most vital information you need to have on your journey to success, muscles and respect!

Be Persistent!

You may be familiar with this idea, but the truth is, if you want to sculpt your body and have the appearance of a true god, you have to be persistent. Once you start, try to continue moving forward, even if you waggle a bit in the beginning. According to psychological researchers, there are three common phases in the building of a new habit: the ‘honeymoon,’ the struggle and the ‘second nature.’ The basic idea is that the first few days you are full of energy and excitement, but then the ‘honeymoon’ ends and the routine starts getting tiring to you. This is the moment you have to truly push yourself in order to succeed and let the habit become second nature to you.

Lift! Then Lift More!

If you don’t have access to gym equipment, you can build muscle on the budget via bodyweight training or other methods. However, if you want to sculpt your perfect body in a timely manner, having access to at least a bench and a few dumbbells is a must. While the weight of your body is enough to put pressure on your upper arm, back and chest muscles when you do push and pull ups, however, the different muscle groups are targeted far better with a few dumbbells. Furthemore lifting manages to put more stress on your muscles, thus helping you achieve better results in a shorter time.