10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About ‘Saved By The Bell’

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Millions of Americans are able to finish to finish the song that starts out “When I wake up in the morning and the alarm gives out a warning, I don’t think I’ll ever make it on time…” because they watched a much loved show known as “Saved by the Bell.” Despite the fact that it had a relatively short run, the series ingrained itself in television viewers minds. We all felt as though we were growing up with Zach and Kelly and AC Slater and Jessie Spano, and of course Screech. Despite all of that there are some things about the beloved program you probably didn’t know, until now.

The Show Originally Had Another Name And Another Focus

Saved by the Bell was originally going to be called Good Morning Miss Bliss and would center around Hayley Mills as the titular teacher. The show didn’t catch on in its original form, however NBC was able to make a successful show out of the premise of students at a school and the show we all know and loved was born.

The Show Had A Ton Of Famous Guest Stars

Over the course of its run, the show had a ton of guest stars that went on to be quite famous later on. Among those guests were Eric Dane and Denise Richards, as well as Tori Spelling.

Mr. Belding Really Was A Bit Of An Outcast

Turns out Dennis Haskins really wasn’t all that close with the students he was always having to bust as Mr. Belding, the principal. When the cast reunited for interviews after the show was over, they left Haskins behind, apparently on purpose.

Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Mario Lopez and Dustin Diamond Are The Only Cast Members to Appear In Every Episode

While there were several members of the regular cast, Zach, AC Slater and Screech were the only characters that appeared in all 86 episodes of the series. If you go back to Good Morning Miss Bliss days, Gosselaar and Diamond still made an appearance in every episode.

Mario Lopez Styled His Hair After Mel Gibson

Mario Lopez says he styled his AC Slater look after Mel Gibson in Lethal Weapon. He didn’t realize until later he had basically gotten a mullet.

Mark-Paul Gosselaar Had To Die His Hair

The actor who played Zack was not actually a blonde. Mark-Paul Gosselaar was actually a brunette and had to die his hair every two weeks in order to look like Zack Morris at all times.

Cussing Wasn’t Allowed On Set

In order to keep a wholesome feel on the show, there wasn’t any cussing allowed on the set. The stars of the show talked later about being on other sets where it was a relief to curse.

Zack And Lisa Dated For Years

Mark-Paul Gosselaar and Lark Voorhies were an item for most of the show’s run. While Gosselaar says everyone dated from time to time, these two had a nearly three year relationship.

Elizabeth Berkley Wanted To Be Kelly Kapowski

Everyone loved Kelly Kapowski. Elizabeth Berkley loved her so much she actually wanted to play her. Berkley tried out for the role that eventually went to Tiffani Amber Thiessen but the producers like Berkley so much they created Jessie Spano for her.

Elizabeth Berkley Didn’t Really Like Her Character

Elizabeth Berkley felt as though Jessie Spano was a little too buttoned up on the show. While some of that can be explained by the fact that these kids were supposed to be pretty wholesome, Berkley felt Jessie was over the top. This might explain why her next big role was depicting a stripper.