10 Things That Are Surprisingly Bad For You

Cleaning the Bathroom

In most cases, it is normally safe to assume that cleaning a house is a good thing to do. After all it gets rid of dirt and dust, ensuring that the home looks nice and is safe to live in. However, there is an exception when it comes to the bathroom and the kitchen. This is largely down to the fact that specialist cleaning products are needed for these rooms and the fact that people often mix bleach with them. This can unfortunately lead to strong chemical reactions that give off toxic fumes.

Using Teflon Covered Products

Teflon seems like a perfectly safe material that helps to ensure that our pots and pans remain stick free, making cooking meals that much easier. Unfortunately, when Teflon is heated to high temperatures, as it is during cooking process, it can release harmful chemicals that can make their way into the bloodstreams of any living creature nearby. While there isn’t a direct link between the material and illness in humans, some research has suggested it can be very damaging to animals.