10 Shocking Reasons Why Products Have Been Recalled

Product recalls happen a lot more regularly than some people would care to admit. In fact, the largest in the entire world occurred when the Takata Corporation recalled millions of their air bags after finding them to be completely defective, which is a hazard to their consumer’s health. That was the biggest, but there are thousands of recalls occurring every single year, and organizations like the USDA and CPSC are monitoring these on a regular basis. Some of the reasons are a bit more strange than others. Here are ten shocking reasons products have been recalled.

Explosive Recipes

In 1978, a cookbook by the name of Woman’s Day Crockery Cuisine was released. It was quickly recalled after the publisher found a typo that taught people how to make explosives.

Polio Vaccine

Polio was once a very serious disease, but a vaccine was released to help the world. Unfortunately, in 1955, Cutter Laboratories had to recall their vaccine as it contained the live, deadly polio disease within.