10 Things That Are Surprisingly Bad For You

Life is full of things that are bad for us. The vast majority of these bad things, whether they are foods, activities or other actions, are all well known to most people and aren’t particularly surprising. That isn’t the case in every single instance though. There are plenty of things that can be very bad for you that you might not even be aware of, while in other cases, what is bad for you might be something that has actually been touted as good for health and fitness. We’ve gathered ten of these things in our list below, and many of them will most likely shock you.


Although mothballs are used around the world to stop insects from attacking clothes, they can still prove harmful to the young and those with weak immune systems. This is because many of them are loaded with a variety of insecticides and toxins that are used to ward of moths and other pests. Handled in small numbers, they are completely fine but can pose a problem if someone deals with a large enough quantity.

Lawn Mowing

Anyone with a garden at their home will have had to mow the lawn at some point in their life. Even though it is an essential part of maintaining the look of the garden, it also seems good thanks to the fact that it gets you outside and provides some exercise. That isn’t exactly the case though, as lawnmowers are hugely inefficient and petrol versions give off much more emissions than cars. This can lead to harmful pollution and damage the health of whoever is using the device.