10 Things Cut In Half That Will Amaze You

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Each and every day we see the outsides of items, we see their exterior, what we’re meant to look at. Rarely do we ever see the inner workings of something. It is these insides that keep everything ticking. Whether it’s a human, a car or even a grenade, the items in this list will show you just how things look when they’ve been cut in half. So, if you’ve ever wondered what a camera lens or a car looks like when it has been sliced down the middle, read on and be amazed!

A Sheep’s Coat

Have you ever seen a fully shaved sheep? Well now you’ve seen a half shaved sheep.

Cans Of Soup

These cans of soup look disgusting.

A U.S. Navy Minesweeper

Most of the things on this list are small things, how crazy is it to see a massive ship cut in half.

A Lego Love Boat

You can see every piece of Lego used when it’s cut in half.

The Human Heart

Lets hope no one does this to our hearts.

A Canon Photocopier

If you didn’t know what the inside of a photocopier looked like, you do now.

A Lock

At least now you can see how to break in.

A Leica Camera Lens

That really doesn’t look like a camera lens when it’s cut in half.

A Range Rover

It would be scary if there were people in there.

A Hand Grenade

Isn’t it amazing to see what the inside of a grenade looks like.