10 Terrifying Pictures Of People Cleaning Windows

Lets face it, there are some jobs that are simply a lot better than others. Being a toll booth operator for example, has to be one of the most mundane jobs in the world. Being a sky diving instructor on the other hand must be extremely satisfying and exhilarating. We have a choice in the kind of jobs we want to have if we start planning a little in advance, which is why it is important to find a job that maximizes your potential. You might think being a window cleaner is a fairly relaxed job, but it has become the modern day version of daredevilry. Here are 10 terrifying pictures of people cleaning windows, just so that you stay away from this profession:

Balancing Act

While this guy isn’t exactly cleaning the window, he is standing on one… and we had to include it just because of how ridiculous it is!

A Little Boost

This person is actually balancing a ladder on a ledge. How did he even manage to climb this ladder in the first place?