10 Shocking And Hilarious Pieces Of Underwear

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In today’s free world you can go outside in your underwear, without socks, and the world would not be shocked a single bit. However, do you truly want people to see your mundane and ordinary panties? We didn’t think so! Your underwear has to be funny and sexy at the same time, but while this might seem as an unbelievable and hard to achieve feat, it actually is quite easy. The only thing you need to do is check out the following 10 pieces of hilarious underwear and unleash your creativity next time you consider buying new underwear!

Access Denied

If you are of the more conservative type, you can warn the people looking at your underwear, by putting Access Denied on your bottom. However, this might have the reverse effect, because the forbidden things are far more desirable!

Take These Off Right Meow

Who doesn’t love cats! If you do, be sure to put this punny little saying on your underwear!

I Like Wieners

If you are a fan of wieners, the dog breed that is, be sure to let everyone who looks at your underwear know it. But be careful! This might be taken the wrong way!

It’s Not Going To Spank Itself!

Nothing else works? Command the one looking at your underwear right now to finally spank you a bit!

Just Gross!

Don’t want to be looking sexy in your underwear, but rather want to be repulsive? This hairy design might be the right choice for you!

Sorry Boys, It’s Shark Week!

Is it that time of the month? Why not the boys looking at your underwear know it with just a glance!

Man’s Half-Boxers

Are you tired of your old boxers? Want to be looking rather funny and odd? Just slice your old boxers up and make them look like these hilarious half-boxers!

Objects May Be Bigger Than They Appear

Are you tired of people looking at your underwear and asking themselves why your privates are too small, when you are simply cold? Be sure to put these on and let them know!

The Blood Splash Underwear

Anyone who is familiar with this reference would love this underwear just a tiny bit more. However, even if you are not familiar with Room 237, this bloody underwear design is a nice way to let your man know it is that time of the month!

The Man, The Legend!

Are you too proud of your private parts? Let anyone know who exactly the legend is!