10 Talented Homeless People With Incredibly Inspiring Stories

Homeless Musical Prodigy Becomes The Next Internet Sensation

Natalie Trayling is a fixture on the streets of from Melbourne, Australia. She has had a share of hardships in life, such as homelessness, deteriorating health and the death of her two children.

This year, her son posted a video of Natalie playing the piano with her own composition. It quickly became viral, with 5 million (and counting views). Despite her newfound success, she remains grounded on her feet.

“Music is everything.” Trayling said. “I do feel part of it. The whole world is music.”

The Fashion Photographer Who Lived A Double Life

Mark Reay is an NY-based fashion photographer, and you may not know it from his looks, but he’s been homeless for six years while shooting for the biggest fashion events in the world. After graduation, Mark Reay decided to backpack across Europe. In Belgium, he even worked as a model.

Reay had to come back to New York in order to care for his dying father, and his modeling gigs started to dry up, so he started to get into fashion photography. His gigs weren’t enough to sustain him financially, however, and it was when he moved to France that he became homeless for the first time.

After moving back to New York, he lived at a friend’s place until he has exhausted his welcome. He crashed on a rooftop at another friend’s place where he lived there for the next six years.

A documentary has been made about his life, entitled ‘Homme Less’, about Reay’s double life in working for the luxury and fashion industry and being homeless.