10 Talented Homeless People With Incredibly Inspiring Stories

We are all suspects to this: when we see a random homeless person in the streets, we judge them to be crackpots or lowlife criminals who deserve ending up where they are now. It’s a sad reality how we treat these people: they are also human, after all. There are a number of reasons why a person ends up on the streets. Of course, drugs are a common cause, but not all of them are drug addicts: homeless people may have been victims of abuse or other unfortunate circumstances. Not all of them are bad people — and they all have a story to tell.

In fact, in this list, you will know the story of 10 incredibly talented homeless people. They are musicians and artists with great talent that turned their life around. Next time you pass by a homeless person, remember these 10 people who are very talented but just got a bit unlucky in life.

Homeless Man Becomes Millionaire After Writing Hit Symphony

Stuart Sharp of Leicestershire, England made front page headlines when he composed a hit symphony with zero musical training at all. After the death of his son, Sharp reportedly had a vision of the music in his head. He told his wife about it, but was met with disapproval. “My wife was not happy about it, she thought I had gone mad and needed therapy, but it was something I needed to do.”

He left home and was soon broke and living on the streets of London. Still, the music kept playing on his head, and he bought a guitar for 50 pounds.

While sleeping outside the BBC Television Centre, the composer met jazzman Anthony Wade, who offered him a place to stay and help him write down his music.

The hit symphony made him a millionaire. He was able to buy property, build a recording studio and the masterpiece, ‘Angeli Symphony’ was played in the Philharmonia Orchestra of London and Royal Albert Hall, which received standing ovations.

Voice Announcer Lost It All — And Gained It Back

Ted Williams from Brooklyn, New York, worked as a voice announcer for a radio station when he got involved with drug & alcohol abuse. After a series of drug and theft crimes, he was left broke and homeless.

In January 2011, Doral Chenoweth encountered Ted Williams on the streets asking for help and boasting of his God-given gift of voice. The reporter posted a video of his smooth baritone and it immediately went viral.

Fortunately, he was able to turn his life around and has worked for commercials such as Kraft Mac & Cheese. He has also written an autobiography and started a foundation to help provide necessities to the homeless.